Kailey Roth Designs

A Juxtaposition

Uniquely with this project I worked as a stylist with two others, a photographer and the graphic designer laying out the images. All of the clothes were pulled from a local boutique to Chicago, Anastasia. There were a total of eleven different pairings that we were working with between the two models. It was shot with a very white light in a studio on. Our main concept was to contrast the different personalities of the twin models we had, thankfully we had known them well enough to understand their differences so we could easily portray that visually. While creating the spread I kept that same mindset comparing the girly side to the more tomboy style of the twins. Simplistic elements were kept in mind throughout the whole process to give strong emphasis on the clothes and let them speak for themselves. The photographer was Alex Friedland with the two other stylists McKinzy Lawrence and Mauree Sullivan.